1-      Rhourde Erouni RER – company KOUGP Algeria

MEM blocks bid round

General topics:

1-      Development philosophy:

Two options are studied:

Option1: using the existing facilities of SONATRACH/ELBORMA

Option 2: standalone


2-1 Gathering system:

- Hydraulic study
- Flow lines sizing
- Trunk lines sizing

2-2 Oil treatment plant:

- CPF (Elborma):

Tie-in points location
Remaining capacity evaluation
Revamping scenarios

- CPF (standalone):

Process simulation

Export system study (export pipeline and tie-in with Sonatrach pipeline ELB-HMD)

Gas line: CPF-ELB

2-3 Reports:

- Process description
- Pfd for the different systems
- Hydraulic study
- Equipments list

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